How To Play

1. Contents and Setup

3. Different Overlays

5. Counter Cards

2. Turn Procedure

4. Draw Cards

6. Round Two and End

Rules of Play FAQs

Can a Treaty or Detonate card stop another Treaty or Detonate?
      No, only an Innocence card can counter Treaty and Detonate.
If my opponent detonates all the cards in my hand after playing a draw card, can I draw 3 at the end of my turn.
      No. Kinda makes you want to detonate their draw card now, right?
Will the game always have a round 2?
      Not always. It is possible to get your opponents score down to zero in the first round. Especially if you deck out!
When should I play my Treaty card when opponent plays load, before or after they burn a card?
      If you can stop a Load card, you must wait until after they burn a card.
Do I draw 3 cards at the end when I empty my hand on the opponents turn?
      Absolutely! Additionally you draw for your turn so you’ll have 4 cards in hand to start that turn!
If I can Overlay from the deck, do I get to draw 3 cards at the end of that turn?
      Yes! It’s a great way to get to the bottom of the deck!
Can I play a Treaty to stop an Overlay from the deck?
      Unfortunately no. Only the Innocence card has the power to stop it.
What happens when I play detonate in response to my opponent countering my single card strike?
      They take the combined point totals of the two cards played in that strike.
Can this game be played with three or more players?
      At the moment there is no official ways to modify the game for three or more players.
What if I can’t play any cards from my hand on my turn after drawing?
      You can end your turn without playing any cards.
Do I have to play cards from my hand if I’m able to?
      You do not! If you wish to hold onto cards you can.